Tiny Dog Dyslexia & Language Strategies offers intensive, one-on-one reading therapy for individuals with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. 

Our reading therapy services are evidence-based and individualized. We recognize that each person with dyslexia comes to us with their own challenges, and we have the knowledge and experience to address those challenges while drawing on the strengths that each individual possesses.

Call or email today to request an appointment and start your journey toward effective reading!


Dyslexia screening: Free - a 20-minute screening to determine if there is a risk of dyslexia

Full evaluation: $750 - a 2-hour evaluation, followed by a 1-hour discussion of results and next steps

Initial 60-minute session: $200 - for those who have already been diagnosed with dyslexia

Treatment session: $60 - 30-minute session

Prepaid 10-session package: $540 - pay for 9 sessions in advance and the 10th session is free